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Susie & Hanoch
(06/11/2008 11:49:00)

Nice work choochie.

ouri elkabets   (E-mail)
(05/11/2008 13:16:00)

אתר יפה מאוד. הרבה הצלחה מייק!!!!אגב אתה עולה ראשון בגוגל.

geoff bercovich   (E-mail)
(04/11/2008 18:59:00)

good one Michael..!

Sheila Resels   (E-mail)
(04/11/2008 18:18:00)

Clever funny stuff.

Sheila (from Montreal)

Ellen Ratner
(04/11/2008 15:12:00)

It looks great, but who's the scupture in the middle of the home page?!
Seriously, good luck with this. We will look forward to seeing additions...perhaps your stories?

Golan Bar ( Bitton )   (E-mail)
(04/11/2008 13:07:00)

Mike ... great web, we love it
we love to see what u doing
miss u all there
will keep in tuch

Robyn Elbaz   (E-mail)
(02/11/2008 22:04:00)

I adore your work and especially adore your statement as to the term artist today. I couldn't agree more!

mouly   (E-mail)
(02/11/2008 17:18:00)

Very good - from your luving mouly, מזל טוב על האתר המדליק

Rachelle Goldreich   (E-mail)
(02/11/2008 09:07:00)

Mike Leaf! a great artist!!! and the website is interesting, easy to navigate, and really enjoyable!

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