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skasty   (E-mail)
(12/08/2011 00:30:00)
порно с кажевниковой
фильмы порно зрелых теток
Try this, you like it!

ramona holbrook   (E-mail)
(27/04/2011 23:11:00)

I recently came across several signed and number prints. I had never seen your work before and found it quite interesting, cheerful and with a sense fof humor.

Bill Warrenfeltz   (E-mail)
(07/04/2011 02:06:00)

Your art has made me smile since I was a teenager living in Safed

ג'ודי מור המאירי   (E-mail)
(21/09/2010 11:32:00)

הי מייק ורחל
האתר יפה כמעט כמו היצירות של מייק. אני מקווה שאוכל לעזור במציאת בית חדש לכל הביטוי העז הזה. שתהיה שנה טובה לכולנו.

suzanne "suzy"   (E-mail)
(13/12/2009 23:33:00)

WOW mike -its quite a page.
I have a signed drawing of yours of the Citadel in jerusalem from 1973 which still hangs on my wall.Remember how we used to visit you and rachel in Tzvat with Spektor?
Remember when.........remember when....remember when?

suzy, ari et al

Barak Heymann   (E-mail)
(03/01/2009 11:40:00)

Very beautiful work, with lot's of sensitivity and passion. i was moved. toda. and once i have the money i muuuuust get the "red car"... such a great one!!!

Nancy and Thawin Thonginkaew   (E-mail)
(24/12/2008 04:24:00)

We love your gift of bringing the humor of life into your work. Keep it up Mike. Keeps simles on our faces. Tuk tuk's live forever in your work.

gili sharon   (E-mail)
(30/11/2008 21:22:00)

great work as always.lots of love the mizrahis

Reuven Spiers   (E-mail)
(12/11/2008 19:17:00)

Great works Mike,keep it going, I love your web page it works so well.

angela & daniel gavron   (E-mail)
(07/11/2008 16:37:00)

Great to see the old stuff and the new stuff, the fun, and the lovely colors and images!

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